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  • 高濃度硫酸


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    98% sulfuric acid

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    98% sulfuric acid

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    • Date:2023/09/02
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    Based on the production practice of domestic smelting flue gas acid production and the technological progress of flue gas acid production in recent years, this project adopts the advanced and mature domestic technology of "first stage power wave packing tower second stage power wave two stage electric mist" dilute acid washing and purification, double contact "3+2" type five stage conversion (IIII-V-IVII heat exchange process), and two absorption atmospheric contact acid production process.

    The annual production of flue gas sulfuric acid is in accordance with the national standard GB/T534-2014, which is a first-class product. The production varieties include 92.5% -93% grade, 98% grade, and 20.0 or 25.0 grade oleum. The annual production of industrial sulfuric acid is 290000 tons.

    Sulfuric acid sales hotline: 0417-6957979