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  • 高濃度硫酸



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    Preparation of fuming sulfuric acid products

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    Preparation of fuming sulfuric acid products

    Date:2017-04-10 Author:盛?;?/span> Click:

    Preparation of fuming sulfuric acid products:

    20% fuming sulfuric acid can be produced in a sulfuric acid plant using the contact method, which involves setting up a fuming sulfuric acid absorption tower in front of the 98.3% sulfuric acid absorption tower. The 20% fuming sulfuric acid absorbs and converts the gas containing 7% to 10% sulfur trioxide, while adding 98.3% sulfuric acid to the circulating acid to maintain its concentration unchanged. 65% fuming sulfuric acid can be obtained by mixing 20% fuming sulfuric acid with liquid sulfur trioxide, or by imitating the manufacturing method of 20% fuming sulfuric acid, establishing an absorption tower with 65% fuming sulfuric acid circulating and spraying, absorbing 100% sulfur trioxide gas, and adding 20% fuming sulfuric acid to adjust the concentration of circulating acid.

    Chinese name of chemical: fuming sulfuric acid

    Chemical name in English: sulfuric acid fuming

    English name: Oleum

    Technical specification code: 934

    CAS No.: 8014-95-7

    Molecular formula: H2SO4 · xSO3

    Molecular weight: 98+x (80.06)

    Legal purposes

    Weigh the ampoule ball (accurate to 0.001 g), then heat the ball on a low fire, quickly insert the capillary of the ball into the sample, inhale about 0.4g-0.7g of the sample, immediately sinter and seal the top of the capillary with flame, and dry the acid solution on the outer wall of the capillary with a small fire, then weigh again.

    Place the weighed ampoule ball into a 500ml conical bottle with a grinding stopper containing 100m of working water, tighten the bottle stopper, shake vigorously to crush the ampoule ball, continue shaking until the misty sulfur trioxide gas disappears. Open the bottle stopper, rinse the bottle stopper with water, and then gently crush the capillary of the ampoule ball with a glass rod. Rinse the bottle neck and glass rod with water for later use

    Fuming sulfuric acid